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Diablo II - WinXP issue


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I just had the urge to play Diablo II which i played (but never finished) on my older PC (win98) so after the process of finding the CDs and removing the dust from their covers i happily put the install disc into my cd-drive and up pops up the autorun menu.
i hit install and set the directory and all that mombo-jumbo it began installing. now thats done reboot time then *drums plz* i double click on the game and the game wont load i just get a black screen. i tried changing the compatibility of the game to both win98 and win95 but of no use.

Any ideas?

PS: i just got an idea of using bootmagic and install win98 on a partition or something (no clue yet how to do that) and install diablo there, would that probably help?
oh and i tried the game on my brothers pc also winxp but same issue

sorry for the long post thanks


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Have you tried patching the game to the latest version? That might be worth a shot.

Installing 98 and running it on that would also do the trick but it's a very long way round!


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hmm.. i think i've played it under XP before.. not sure what would be causing the problem..


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Never mind i got it to work. I downloaded a copy of it from a torrent site and installed it this morning and it worked :D yippy
thanks alot for the replies

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