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Diablo II: Something is wrong with this picture

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I was leveling the merc on my elemental druid. Needless to say I'm in hell dif and he isn't ready. Anyhow this is the first time I've seen this happen. Look at both his current exp, and the exp required for the next level. Current is higher :eek: I'll have to see, when I have time latter, and log back on...if it corrects itself or not.


Electronic Punk

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When you play on Hell level, when you die you actually lose experience. You won't level down, but it obviously means more work to get levelled up again.
edit: just looked at the screenshot and I will now shut up! :)

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, one does lose exp for death in both nm and hell (more in hell), though levels once attained are locked. I don't seem to notice that mercs lose exp though.

Was a little surprised when I was leveling the guy and getting him ready to play where I need to go (in act 1 hell dif now with my wind druid) to check his stats and see him get no lvl with more exp then needed.

Was a temporary glitch though. Came back tonight from a class that never happened (teacher didn't show up) and checked him out. Upon a rejoin, the level was there.

I have noted a few odd bugs in patch 1.10, though this one was new to me. Things like:

- Get staff, kill summoner, and then Durial in act 2. Speak with Dragnon, then go to speak with Jer, but the palace gaurds won't move. This doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes. Create a new game (and they're moved and jer comes out), then rejoin the party game to carry on with act 3, hoping the council wasn't killed already.

- Opening doors (noticed this in act 1), sometimes the graphic doesn't change, and one has to click it a few times.

- One game, a friend of mine was walking through walls, but couldn't attack anything, and nothing would attack him :D

- Both of us tried to play together from time to time, and even in a private game allowing 8 peeps, but only us 2 (let along baal run games), we'd sometimes get "game full" errors on each other's games. Was particularly annoying one night. PM the other person, and "no game not full". Odd. We also got join game but it doesn't exist, try to create and "game exists already". So did it exist or not? Other person in it sometimes :D

Others have told me they ran into the same, and in many games we all end up having to speak to the dude to carry on with act 3 (whole party) before we can all team up again...

I fired an email off to bliz tech support to tell them of some of the bugs I've noticed with the lattest patch, though it was before noticing this one. Anyhow, it was temporary, so all is well and I can continue leveling my help for hell dif. lvl 25 huricane, (with tornado maxed, and a few levels left for twister synergies) left norm dif, (and nm for many of the monsters) just dropping when I walked buy to lvl this guy. For hell, I could use something to hold them in place to range attack :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, it's old, and sadly so is my comp. I remember when my AXP 1900+ wasn't too far from top of the line, and when I latter put the Radeon 9600 in it. Sadly, I don't think my comp would be a real performer with some of the lattest games. Me need a hardware upgrade first, though being a college student (graduating from one major next fall, the other, well will take longer), and financial aid loans having maxed out; some things just have to wait. Here's hoping I can find something decent within a year or so :)

And yeah, the patch was out for awhile, and yet from Janaury 2004, upon getting some help from movers, the old comp desk fell apart when they went to carry it. BTW, whatever you don't, do not buy a comp desk from Office Max. The thing looked like real wood (and being as large as it was, this was a real problem); but was particle board covered not by plastic made to look like wood, but a rather thing layer of real wood. It covered the fact over pretty well, but upon lifting the particle board disintegrated all around the joints.

Playing on the floor wasn't a good thing, and I just had too much I had to do. Turns out a friend got me a comp desk for Christmas this past year, so I could start operting a mouse normally and stuff again...

I do have the impression Blizzard doesn't really have much intent on putting the attention into bug fixing Diablo anymore. They also said they're sorta getting sick of it (to questions about a Diablo 3), and that they'd rather do a Star Craft 2, and some other stuff first, rather then go back to Diablo. With a patch as big as 1.10, that included many game changes (synergies for instance) and not just bug fixes; the more one changes in code, it's not inconceivable bugs could be introduced into the code base elsewhere. The act 2 thing was probably a side effect to some anti-rush provisions they added to the game. But the consequences are that players who did play through it can't speak to jer to move on (without creating a new game) as well...

Shamus MacNoob

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Thats why Guild Wars is here it was a group of people that left Blizzard and formed Arenanet and 5 years later POOF Guild Wars it even says Diablo 3 before its time on the cover !!

Yes I dont think there is a rush to patch Diablo II these days but you never know

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