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Diablo II Keeps Flickering


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Yep the graphics keep on flicklering/blinking like every 20 to 30 seconds when i use it in 2D mode but whenv i use it in 3d mode it works fine. D2 worked fine when i played it moths ago. But i installed it today and i'm having problems. Over the past moths i'v been updating my GeForce 2 MX card and the lastest detonators, and i'v been tweakin my card. Does anyone have a solution?


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na nm i alrdy fix this issue along time ago. I downloaded the latest detonaters for geforce and it was suppose to be hella bugy, so i reinstalled my card and all my games work fine now. thnxs for the help anywayz. :)


I know what u mean. I wen't on (yes I love diablo 2) and then joined a server n'snizz.

Started out and someone grouped with me and he just took me through all the quests, completing the first difficulty level when i was only on like level 15 or something stupid like that.

I just like to play on the one where your characters stored online.


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yea but in realms theres still duplications of an item. like a dup soj, or dup windforce. BTW is LOD so much better than D2? cause D2 is getting so boring.
so do i on closed b.net
but so many people still cheat
they've got newer map hacks
new dupes of stuff that arnn't worth anything
people rip you off and kill you so fast too..its not really a game no more


If you have put in a new video driver and then reinstalled D2 then that could be your prob! I had the same problem with some of the Nvidia drivers making it flicker like mad. Try it with updated driver if it still does it then do a roll back for an older version of driver.

Just my .02$

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TO be honest hacking doesn't bother me on Battle.Net as it really doesn't relate to the kinds of games I like to play on there...

Prefer playing with a company of us doing the same quests...
Speaking of which..

Anyone fancy playing tonight?
I will be starting a new character.. as it has been a while since I played...would love to play with a few guys from the forums.
This is LOD not standard Diablo2.

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