DIABLO 3 Release???


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15 Feb 2005
With the possible, but I admit highly unlikley, release of DIII upon us; (I doubt it will be the 1st of February as originally suggested), what do you believe and who is going to play???


Mike A!
If you are referring to the statement by Best Buy it has now been retracted.

Unfortunately, an incorrect date was displayed on signage for the highly anticipated game Diablo 3. While customers can pre-order the game, the release date has not officially been announced from Activision/Blizzard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are taking steps to correct the information.
Yea but all of that is a moot point now...

Just finished playing the open beta as a barbarian and it was amazing.

Going to do another run through as something else. Yes the open beta is only a small portion.
Open beta is nice, if not a little short. I was a big fan of the first two and this looke like exactly the same formula :)

Odd to see stats like +10 strength +5 int :s
I myself was never that big into the originals. I played number 2 for awhile. And it's been so long since then I don't remember how it was lol
I played the first two for far too long :)
Was tempted to play them again, but I knew they would never be the same so pretty much managed to hang on now.
Might pick up my copy today. The BestBuy in my county has some CE left.
I bought my download game, but I do not have a PC, as I am still in the process of building a new one... Will probably be another 6 weeks before I am back in country and able to build my machine.

Im thinking of playing a monk with all the health restore they have...

Who else thoughts???


Mike A!

I got my digital copy, just wondering who's playing, what you are playing and how you like it so far???


Mike A!
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How about sharing your screen names for adding to your friends list



I am back to grinding since the release of 1.04


See you out there,

Mike A!
I would - If I had time to play..

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