Diablo 2 and 100% win XP error



lo we thought we would play some lan games of diablo 2 the other day so i went about installing it completely (on XP) and when it was installed and patched i loaded up only to recieve the error mesasge

"Unable to load function fr_thrunk (kernell32.dll)"

<< note it may have been th_thrunk or some other 2 letters but the rest was the same :p >>

So i swore, then i tried installing in my win98 partition, and it went fine, only prob is i cant have sound in my windows 98 partion and it doesnt like my usb keyboard and mouse so i have to get lots of old keyboards and mice down if i want to play it, ideal id like it to run in XP mode :) ta

PS i tried uninstalling then reinstalling before anyone says to do that :E and every other game ive played works fine so its 100% XP


try to install only the "single player game"...worked for me...and if is still doesn.t work.....use the patch... :D


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My wife, mother in law and brother in law always play it on and off line with XP and have no problems at all.


What is your system? i.e Motherboard, cpu etc..
Because I think that diablo2 is ok it's just that XP is Fubar because Kernel32 is one of the major components of winxp and if that thinks that Diablo2 is causing illegal operations then something is up..

it might be a good idea to re-install if this is happening with other games apart from Diablo2


Diablo 2 is ok here;

My wife and I always play Diablo 2 on both systems here both with xp, online and offline play is smooth as hell. No errors here.

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