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DHCP user class and Alternate TCP/IP configuration


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I have a little problem and I don´t know why this is happening. I don´t know if this is a bug or there is a reason.

I have setup a DHCP server and a user class to set several options on several computers using WinXP. I use "ipconfig /setclassid ..." on my laptop and it gets the appropriate settings form the DCHP server. I also set up an alternate configuration (IP, default gateway, dns servers, everything manual...) to be used when the DCHP server is not available. The problem is that when my laptop uses this alternate configuration only the IP is asingned to the interface, no gateway, no dns,... Then, if I remove the classid from the interface it succesfully gets the IP, gateway and DNS servers from the alternate configuration.
Does anybody know any reason for this behaviour? Is there any solution? I don´t like to be all the time setting and removing the classid from the interface.

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