dhcp leases and master browser?


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ok, we had a very odd problem today...all of a sudden, no dhcp leases were being handed out by either of our domain controllers. a static ip would work fine, but any requests for new dynamic ip's were just not going through. stopped and restarted dhcp service on both dc's, still no dice. then i noticed that event viewer contained multiple entries (over a period of months) where a user's laptop was announcing itself as a 'master browser'. as soon as i asked that user to shut down, dhcp was back up and leasing ip's.

as far as i understand, the browser service (and servers) are for locating resources on the network. so, if the laptop won the election for domain browser and was acting as a domain browser, would that be a cause for dhcp failures?



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Looks like the registry needs to be modified on that laptop, modify these values:

Key: System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters
Name: IsDomainMaster
Data Type: REG_SZ
Value: FALSE

Key: System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters
Name: MaintainServerList
Data Type: REG_SZ
Value: Auto
that is what they SHOULD be set to, so it plays nicely on the network :)

EDIT: Do NOT Disable the local computer browser service, that will stop the problem but will also cause communication issues between the laptop and other machines on the LAN


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Thanks, already checked that earlier :)

As obvious as this may sound -- I was looking in the wrong direction the whole time. The IP addresses being doled out to clients were 192.168.x.x not APIPA. Sounds to me like someone ran a DHCP server on the network. Is there any way to track who did this with my two DC's?


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You can try to ping, if it's still out there, do a "arp -a" on the address. That should give you the MAC, which you can probably then track down.

If it's already off the network though, might be out of luck.


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Yeah.. it sounded to me like there was a rouge DHCP server out there.

If they already turned it off, it will be harder to track down.

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