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DHCP Error in event log.


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So my cable modem has taken to randomly shutting off. There is no reason that I can see for it to happen. When it happens all the lights on the modem die except for the power light. The windows event log records an event of ...

Your computer was not able to renew its address from the network (from the DHCP Server) for the Network Card with network address **MAC ADDRESS**. The following error occurred:
The operation was canceled by the user. . Your computer will continue to try and obtain an address on its own from the network address (DHCP) server.

The thing about that is I DIDN'T CANCEL ANYTHING! Sometimes it happens while I'm in bed, sometimes it happens while downloading and sometimes in the middle of a WoW raid, its happened 14 times today (5 since I've been typing this). So there isn't anything obvious thats causing it, and I know its not my computer (what with the lights shutting off and all). I've called the cable company, they have replaced the modem, the cabling, the ac adapter, basically everything. I've changed my plan (they suggested I MIGHT be downloading too much, course they don't know how much is too much) and it still happens. Are there any other ideas out there?
Have you tried changing the RJ45 cable between the modem and your PC?
Or did the cable guys do that along with their own cabling?
It wouldn't account for 'all' lights I'd imagine, but am unfamiliar with your particular modem etc.
I'd guess you have a 'synch' light or similar too?
If you have a sync light or similar indicating the connection to the network then you might want to ask about the subscription levels/contention ratios in your area.
I had similar network problems last year, but although the modem didn't reset as often as yours, I discovered my area had 143% subscription and was pretty much maxed out 24/7.
The cable company had some upgrade work in the pipeline (bad pun ..i know) and it sorted my problem when it was done. I did get free service throughout the period tho :)

Not sure how relevant it is to you, but it's worth investigating if you've tried everything else.
Out of curiosity, do you have or have you tried another PC/laptop on this connection to isolate any PC issues that might be contributing to this (cancelled by user)?


Stranger Than Fiction
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The cable company replaced all the cabling, and I even used some of my own cat5 as well. Also my system has 2 nic's and I've tried both of them. Same results.

I've got friends over right now, they are connected both wired and wireless. The modem still randomly dies. The model is an AmBit broadband. It's a POS but its also the only one my cable company supports (or so they say). I believe this is the model (based on the pictures)


The lights are power, sync, ready, wlan and then the 4 Ethernet ports have lights as well.

I will call them again and see about the level ratios.

Thanks for the reply, reps.
Assuming your network is secure, it's pretty much something their end then.
I'd make sure you enquire about reduced payments while they sort this issue for you.
If they've replaced the modem and all cabling and it still loses connection to their network and the problem is isolated beyond your PCs then you shouldn't be paying full whack for a substandard service ;)


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it is definitely on the provider side. Who knows what is causing it though. When I had cable net .. the motorola surfboard did stuff like that ...and finally i noticed when it was raining..or just after it rained ..or when it was windy ..or really cold.

Cable company came and ran entirely new cable from the telephone pole to the home ..and no more problems.

Seems cable is very very finicky about interferences ..the rf types .. and if there is water ..or some bare wire anywhere between you and the switch for your street or block ..you will have these sorts of issues where your router will "lose lock" or initialization on the network.

Most customer service reps for cable companies are just people sitting at home eating lays chips ..calls come in and get routed to them ... so they arent necessarily "tech savy" if you know what I mean.


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With Cox we are using the Motorola Surfboard modems, and I have never had a problem.

Back in New Jersey however there were some serious issues with the cabling, and they had not sorted it when my parents finally moved to Switzerland. It caused the cable modem to continually reset, and lose sync with the upstream provider. We would have to hard reset the modem. Keep on your provider about it, you should be able to get some free service out of them.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Just an update; no good news unfortunately.

The level two tech I've been dealing with has finally determined that I'm too much of a power user (9 gigs so far this month!) and that its overwhelming the modem and dropping me. I protested, saying that I was never told of a limit to my bandwidth and why are they selling a 10meg connection if one cannot take advantage of their "blazing fast" downloads. He didn't have an answer for me though. He's going to have someone from internet support (I thought that's who I was talking to all along) call me and go over my limitations. I plan on bitching until I get a refund and possibly reduced rate going forward. Wish me luck!

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if you can i would swap - if not moan like hell at them and tell them you think the level of customer care and support have been extremely lacking - that might be able to get you a few months free or a few $$$ :)

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