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Electronic Punk

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Any Dexter fans at OSNN?
Keeping slightly ahead of the UK schedules somehow *cough* and have really thought Season 3 has been awesome.


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I can't remember the last time I watched any TV show. I do remember I watched Dexter's Laboratory but that was years ago. :D

Evil Marge

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I watched about 20 minutes of Dexter then turned it off, I thought I'd enjoy it but I just couldn't get in to it at all. Dunno why.
Only thing I watch these days is top gear on bbc iplayer.

Thanks to evil marge I discovered a new way of draining my iphone battery when I can't sleep :D


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dexter is so great!

loved season one.. and im waiting to see the 2nd
yeah, bit lagged ^^ but still :]


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Dexter is pretty much the best thing on TV these days (US TV sucks - we just copy UK/Japanese shows). Season 1 hooked me before episode 1 was over, and Season 2 was GREAT. I've yet to start watching Season 3 as I like to watch them like a marathon. :)

Matt in MD

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I am a HUGE Dexter fan, but was just thinking to myself the other day that the third season hasn't met my expectations. I think they're having a hard time finding things for him to do, people to kill, etc. Not unlike what happened to Ms. Fletcher on Murder She Wrote. :)

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