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Devils Own cd-key


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Ok, I have legit version of xp. Well, a copy of a legit version of XP PRO Corperate Edition that I got from work. My cd key starts with FCKGW. I have been reading about this Devils own cd key and how its the same as mine. Does this mean that i won't be able to install the service pack?? Are all keys that start with FCKGW black-listed, or is it just certain ones??



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ok if u have a legit version then microsoft will issue your company with a new key, you key may start wiht FCKGW- but the rest of it should be different to the one thats been used but many ppl that have not payed for there XP.
if there are going to be problems then microsft will issue the company with a new key.


Devils Own.....

If you TRUELY have a legitimate copy from work (ie. an authentic CD-Rom AND a genuine license from MS) then you have to contact Microsoft for what you should do, in which case they'll supply you with a new key once they figure everything is capish. If you decline to call MS, well then, you know what kind of key you have.



From MS Site.....

I know you have a license already, but I'm sure they can still help you out in your predicament!

"A Microsoft representative can help you sign up for a licensing program. Use this page to find one, or call (800) 836-8282"


odin, i had the same problem. i was part of the IT team at a particular company that i received XP pro from and still have contacts there. i cannot install the SP1 for some reason so im guessing my CD-key is the FCKGW or whatever although when i install it, it never asks for me to enter anything as a CD-key. Unless you are the software tester or the project manager in charge, i doubt microsoft will give you anything. there are lots of legitimate people in the IT field at companies that receive copies of XP but they cannot just call up and say oh im a help desk dude and i have a copy of XP, can i have another one since the one i have starts with FCKGW?? lol

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