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Deus Ex Slow On G3?


Can anyone tell me why Deus ex Runs Slow on my AMD 1.41 GHZ, Geforce 3 on 512mb ram?

The sound crackles on 3d audio on my soundblaster live 5.1? an i have all d latest drivers, an xp, y does the game run slow? even on the lowest modes on the game??

Please Help ME




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what do you mean slow exactly?

btw... deus ex has a crummy graphics engine... kick ass game but unfortunately the graphics are a tad iffy... if only things were all nice and smooth like in max payne :)

turn down some graphics options and see if it still does the same... turn off some decals... no need to drop your res too much 640x480 or 800x600 should be fine and run lower decals and textures and stuff...

if it is still stuffy... then i dunno...

heck my pal with a radeon 8500 (not the le) and 1800+ athlon and 256 megs of DDR was having trouble running the game...

I havent tried it on my new rig but it must be similar problems to his... my vid card sux0r...
When i say slow i mean about 15 frames, my old voodoo2 cud run deus ex fine with all details on, so y cant my Geforce3?

The game is to good to go to waste, someone help me.

Ive tried it on the absolute, lowest of modes, an it still goes slow? is it xp or my g3?


Some1 Help Please!




F@H - Is it in you?
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perhaps you need to dl the proper drivers for your card

I don't use nvidia anymore so I cant help you with that...

but someone will be able to tell you the proper drivers/patches to dl for your system...

also read up/check out the refresh rate fixes...

g.luck mate...


Have you gone to the ION Storm website? (If it still exists that is :) ) They might have some patch updates for not only XP but newer graphics cards.

Not to insult your intelligence if you already have. It's just something I would do since you obviously have the hardware to power the game.
Thanx Everyone for your help, im sure i have the latest drivers, but ill chek around anyways, if anyone else has any other suggestions please tell me.





OH duh, my apologies, I didn't read the main post in detail.
The crackling you are hearing with your soundcard is a Via f**K up. There is a fix that I installed in my system that made it disappear and the performance of my system has greatly improved. However, it is not supported by Via. (More info on this can be found here: http://alive.singnet.com.sg/tech/via.htm) I am willing to bet that this is the problem that you are having.
The download of the fix is here at this url:
I am currently using version .20 beta, which seems to work fine so far.

I hope this works for you. My apologies about the last post.

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