Deus Ex 2 problems


Boogie Nights...!
I borrowed a copy of Deus Ex 2 off a mate and for whatever reason it keeps quitting out on me between levels. Is this a known problem? Any solutions?

Thank u!


Boogie Nights...!
Heh...b4 the accusations of warez start heading my way..yes this is the n.america version, i think he has relatives out there who sent it to him.

It's happens almost every single time you load a new map/start a new game. Have search google for solutions but none work.



Boogie Nights...!
Never tried the demo...but it's better than i thought it would be! I read some pretty average reviews about it in recent weeks so wasnt that bothered about playing it. Seems very similar to the first (which is a good thing i think) but with much better graphics and what seems to be (so far) a much more interesting story.

I seem to have sorted the quitting to desktop problem...i set my desktop and in-game resolution both to 1024x768. Hasnt crashed out since. :) Weird.

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It is dumbed down for the XBox version, the demo of which I got today but have yet to try ;)

Played the PC version, it was ok I guess, but just nothing compared to the original.

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