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Deus Ex 2 and Pixel Shader 1.1 Error




I have installed the Deus Ex 2 Demo and when I try to run the game a message appears saying : "Engine requires video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 or greater capabilities"

I have a GeForce 4 MX440 GPU with the 52.16 drivers.

I searched the nVidia website about Pixel Shaders but all that came up was explanations of what they are and nothing about if they are only availible on certain cards.

I have managed to play the Max Payne Demo and UT2K3 Demo fine without any problems.

Is there any solution to this or is my MX not got Pixel Shading?

EDIT: I have found out why it wont play...Deus Ex 2 has no support at all for the MX range of GeForce cards.

Ah well, something to look forward to next year when I build my new computer along with Max Payne 2 :D


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afaik... there is a rumour going around that you NEED a dx8/8.1 card to play deus ex...

this rules out anyone running a gf4mx and below and a radeon 7xxx series and below card... from the two main ihv's...

however this is a rumour... I have not personally read more about this..

from the sounds of that error it would appear that this is true... unfortunately...

min spec for dx 8.0 == ps 1.1 afaik... all gf4 ti's support this... raddy 8xxx and above support ps 1.4.... radeon dx9 cards (ie anything 9500 and above) support ps 2.0...

all ps are reverse compatible... with fallbacks to previous version if necessary...

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