detonator 23.12



i just installed nvidia 23.12 drivers from the windows update site
i've never heard anything about them, never leaked, and the nvidia site still has 23.11 drivers... does anyone know where this driver update came from, and what it actually is?
The 23.12 drivers are not from NVidia, they were release by ASUS !
i don't have an asus board... wtf is windows update trying to do to me
Why would you board have anything to do with your videocard? Anyway, just about all drivers are for the Nvidia chipset and therefor should work just fine no matter which card you have. Also I would not recommend installing just about every driverupdate as soon as it's available. That always poses the risk of a not thouroughly tested version.
sorry, that was a typo, i didn't mean board, i meant my vid card

i decided to roll back to 23.11 anyway
Try the 4 me

I don't usually download leaked drivers, due to the risk of incompatability problems... coz i have the gladiac 920 geforce3 card but have always found that elsa's drivers are far behind nvidia's for speed anyway.
Just try the new 27.20 set from this same site....they totally rock.
i had them for a bit, and i noticed problems with unreal (the frame rate became choppy in high traffic scenes)... went down to the 23.12, and i didn't like how i was using some driver not for my card andblah blah blah, so i'm just at 23.11, and i'll probably just stick with the official releases for a while (unless theres a new leaked that doesn't drag my fps in unreal, and hopefully something will fix a problem i'm having with vis's in sonique!)
Stick with 23.11, these ones will just probably fix d3d issuses.
Just some friendly advice:

Be very careful about downloading drivers from the MS Update site. Sofware updates are fine, but drivers can be a problem. Very often the are not the most current drivers available and you may actually be going to an older driver than you already have. Also, for whatever reason the system scan it does isn't always accurate and drivers may be listed that are not appropriate for your system - some may even cause problems. It's happened to me and MANY others.

Drivers should be downloaded from the OEM site, Updates to the OS from Microsoft Update.
Hi Guys,

I just installed the latest drivers for my Geforce 3 TI 200, the drivers were from their homepage, but they are not digitally signed by XP????

IS this a problem??

When I do a DXDIAG it says:

Driver: nv4_disp/dll

Is this correct?
In the installation it may ask you if you want to continue (yes) but there shouldnt be any conflicts in DirectX, run the tests?;)
I installed them fine, what Im saying is that A message from Windows XP Prompted me saying that they are not digitally signed and that its not recommended to install them on XP.

Any idea>
Its says that with everything u install that hasnt been through MS testing.

23.11 should hold out:D
has anyone here tried the 27.30 drivers? i've had no problems with them so far. FPS went up by almost 3.
the frontpage of xp-erience says that they have issues - use at your own risk
dunno, i wanted to download them, but waited for as little feedback as to their reliability... i guess thats a hint not to use them
I have just installed the 27.42 after having the proper ones, and I have had no blue screens. My TI200 was alwasy blue screening me, now I can play a full game without any

So there staying on my computer!"
yea, i installed the 27.42 as well, their great... i saw a slight performance boost in some things that lagged b4 (even with the official detonators) and even better, a great deal of the problems/complaints i had about video are no longer... i definatly reccomend the 27.42 detonator

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