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destroying laptop mobo & cpu


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
hiya here the problem i sent in my vaio to pc richards like 6 times already the stupid thing keeps rebooting , and a whole bunch of other problems i dont care to explain , i've got a 3 year warrant ( extended ) and the thing is if they cant repair the laptop they will refund or give me exchange of equal value.
Note: no water damage , no physical damage that is evident

any ideas ? i know it sound silly that some one is trying to destroy their laptop but its cutting into my work time as well as school


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
never mind found the answer but ran into a different problem i was using paint thiner to clean the laptop and accidentally erased the service tag # and the serial # any ideas on how i can find it?



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What's going on? If your laptop is broken then surely they will fix it? And if they can't you'll get a new one? I'm not sure I follow - do you want to irreparably damage your laptop so they give you a new one?
You used paint thinner on a laptop?

Good job. That probably just voided the warantee even if you can find the original serial number. They print the numbers on the case to ID them for warantee purposes.

There may or may not be one stored on the HD, probably not.

There is a backup copy of the serial on the original box and on the manual / warantee paper work you threw away when you threw away the box.

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