Destroy Your Hardware!!!--any way... any how


Beware the G-Man
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Well, I remember that we had this before the meltdown. But I don't remember the original title of the thread.

But here is my contribution to the never endind FUN :p of blowing up, smashing or burning old or non-functioning computers or their innards. :D

This is Le Mac Flambé...
The offering to the computer gods is an old (way old) 5300 monochrome Powerbook. :p

This thread is the reincarnation of the old "Hardware Kill" thread.

Thread Guidelines:
You may post your own images/video of Computer Hardware being "crushed, killed, destroyed" or post ones that you have found around the net.
  • Please adhere to the Forum Guidelines.
  • If you are going to embed (Please do this over an attachment – It will save on system resources) your image, please keep it at or under 640x480 and file size under 75k. Any images over this size will be edited out.
  • Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts or images deemed inappropriate. This also includes posts that are off topic.
  • You may "link" to any size image/video you wish. But please place a warning if the image/video is extremely large as a courtesy to forum members that may be on "Dialup".

Remember that this is only for fun, we do not want anyone getting harmed by attempting any of these posts. Please think safety first, but if you are unsure... DON'T DO IT.


Beware the G-Man
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It had some Magnesium in the drive bay... oooooo sizzle sizzle. :D

Wasn't able to catch the light show from that on camera. :(


Dabba Dooba
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i was gonna post a pic of part of the movie Office Space when they beat the crap out of the copier or printer forgot what it was but i couldnt find one. Hey speedy i like the pony lol!!!


Electronica Addict
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I can't believe you actually burnt it. I have a very old monitor that smells like its burning when I turn it on. I suppose I coudl so something with that. Suggestions? :D


I may actually be insane.
Claw hammer to the screen for a start (you know you want to ;))
Larger hammer or baseball bat .. Improvise :p .. to beat the s**t out of the outter casing and remaining tube (I'm guessing it's a CRT?)


Electronica Addict
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Yes it is a CRT. Well one thing I'm worried about is that someone told me that those things have electricity in them even when they are turned off for years, and I don't want to electrocute myself.

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