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I have an odd desktop problem... I was running photoshop on my XP laptop, and I somehow crashed it (xp and photoshop 6.01 seem to have issues, but thats another thread) When I rebooted, my desktop was seriously different. Theres a bar down the left side of the screen, like the left side menu that appears with the control panel. The other 4/5 of the screen still contains my wallpaper. I can't figure out how to get rid of this bar/menu/folder thingy!?!? Most all of my desktop icons are also gone. the programs all seem to be intact, but their shortcuts strangley gone. And last, my taskbar is a messed up, the "battery power remaining" icon is gone, as well as the volume control "speaker" icon, and the "hide/reveal" icon/function is gone. any know whats going on. Is this some kind of alternate display setting that I can undo or is something seriously screwed here?

any help would be gtreatly appreciated!

That's an 'active desktop' feature... turn off active desktop and it will go back to normal for you.
I almost forgot about active desktop, has anyone actually used it? I don't know of anyone who bothers with it?
Originally posted by Qumahlin
I almost forgot about active desktop, has anyone actually used it? I don't know of anyone who bothers with it?
Actually I did, for as long as it took to figure out how to turn it off, lol. :p
Right click on a blank area of your desktop> properties> 'desktop' tab> 'customize desktop' button> 'web' tab> untick what you have ticked there, click 'ok,' and 'ok.' I think that's all you need to do... it's been a while since I played with it.
i have no "web" tab???thats the, problem, any other suggestions???
Try doing a system restore. I hope that helps. Why you don't have that web tab, i don't know. Are you running XP home or pro?
I don't know, on my desktop I have the tab (running win98se) but for some reason it's oddly missing on my laptop (machine with the problem) I've searched and searched but can't seem to get to it. My system restore is also a little odd, it won't restore at all!!! is this a winxp home ed problem?
I don't know how to help on this one. If system restore is broke too, then you might want to consider a repair installation. I don't have the home edition so i'm not familiar with what exactly is different.

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