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Desktop Frozen Because Fonts


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Well I was on my mac work desk today, and I was in my font program looking for a font, and well must of not been paying attention and most of clicked all kinds of stuff. Somehow all my font files were put on the desktop (at least tried) too, now I cant touch the desktop or top bar, its like frozen, and the only thing that seems to kinda work is the dock bar, but slow. I have over 3000 fonts on that computer.

I don't know what 2 do, I can't click on anything and try to delete them, and each time I restart it tries to load all those fonts on the desktop again. I don't really know mac, more then I normally need too, so HELP!!!!!!


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I guess I will have to figure this one out at work today.

I will post to let ya guys know how I fixed it, or what I had to do.


So I had to log into Administrator (which I tried before) and hit "Get Info" on my accounts desktop folder.

Play around with the settings, change the user abilities to the root account, and then go into, delete the extra fonts in list mode. Fixed.

That was a scare!
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