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i sit on a comp all day at school an the same ol windows standard gets boring to look at, what else could i do to spice the look up i change the clock by using TClock, what other programs or changes could i make to make it look better?


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Give the forums a search for "Active Destkop" and take a visit to the December destkop thread, plenty of people in there willing to help you spangle up yer desktop :happy:

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Remove all your icon names.

1/ Alt(hold) + 255(let go) (Numeric Keys)

2/ Alt(hold)+ 255(let go) - Alt(hold) + 255(let go)

3/ Alt + 255 - Alt + 255 - Alt + 255

4/ Alt + 255 - Alt + 255 - Alt + 255 - Alt + 255

You can do that as many as you want. Just do the hold, let go each time. So if your are doing the third one do it three times & so on.

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