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Desktop aspect ratio problem

I'm hoping this is the right location for this question. I'm on my second new LCD monitor and I've noticed that if I use backgrounds with objects that have cirlces the circles are slightly longer top to bottom rather than being true circles. I first noticed that even rond icons were slightly off when the monitor was not in it's native resolution. That problem was resolved by going to the native resolution of 1280 by 1024, but the problem about desktop backgrounds remains the same either way. I have read that apparently lcd monitors use other than the aspect ratio that was on my old crt and this causes this problem. I would think there would be a way to compensate for this or edit the individual background files if nothing else. The first monitor this was occurring on was a 17" samsung 740b and the one I'm on now that also does it is a Dell 1905fp 19" lcd monitor. I tried a couple of different video cards and that makes no change. It's definitely the difference between the lcd monitors and the crts. Hope someone has a fix for this other than buying a different monitor. I know thousands of both of these LCDs have been sold so someone should have come up with an answer by now.

Thanks for the Help
Long shot, but it could be the wallpaper itself. You said you are running them at 1280x1024, and the circles were "slightly longer".

Well if it happens to be a 1024x768 wallpaper, 1024x768 is 4:3 ratio, where 1280x1024 is 5:4. There very close, but enough that it "might" be the cause of your problem.

Try setting the monitors to 1024x768 and see if it fixes it.

Not 100% but it seems like a likely cause.

I have already tried that and it doesn't work, although I have figured out a few things. You can edit a copy of the wallpaper in paint and press the default resolution of the background. It originally says 640 by 480 then it will change it to 640 by 512 so that it is geometrically correct for the desktop. Then if I apply that copy circles are their correct demensions except it leaves about a half inch of white border at the bottom. Also this seems to affect only desktop backgrounds. The icons are their correct sizes as long as I am in the native resolution. Aparrently these monitors are a different than standard aspect ratio. This affects any background I have. In other words it is slightly stretching them from top to bottom. If I go to a lower resolution than the called for resolution then both backgrounds and the icons are slighly stretched. I have already read on the forums this is a problem because of the odd native resolution. I have tried two monitors of different sizes and brands and it is the same on both. (1280by1024) It appears that there should be a registry setting in the software to change the aspect settings I would think which would pertain to the desktop backgrounds since this is only affecting them and not the icons on the desktop as long as it is in the native resolution.
oK I think I've figured this out. As long as I use the native resolution backgrounds everything works good. Although I need to figure out if I can scale my old backgrounds to fit this screen and not look stretched. I'm looking now for image editing software that might work for this. I've been using my old CRT in low resolution for years got to get used to the smaller print , but man it's much sharper and clearer at this higher res.

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