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when this logo, "Designed for Windows XP", is on an hardware, in my case on a modem, is this saying that it will work properly?
After all, I tried two modems on my Windows XP, but both have made my OS to be not responding. Probably Drivers problem or something. If I use a new one, with the "Designed for Windows XP" logo on it, will it work fine? I don't want to need to reinstall windows again...:(
The problem I have told you about in a previous message was that: after a month of working properly, suddenly the everytime I tried to enter to the "network connections" the pc was not responding anymore...:(
I tried another modem, same problem.
There wasnt the logo of "Desgined for Windows XP" on none of both modems. If I buy a new modem, with the logo on it, is this a promiss that the modem will work fine, and won't make my system to crush and not respond?
Help me..:)
Are you networked? Do you have an onboard NIC or something?

Promise in the same breath as a computer problem... depends on who you ask i guess... I'd bet the modem salesman would... a techy (a smart techy) would smile and hope like heck he got it to work right for you. Now me on the other hand, I'm curious as to what's causing the freeze when accessing the network connections applet... typically it's something misconfigured in relation to networking. If you have an NIC, try removing it, or if it's onboard disable it in your bios and see what you see. It may not even be a modem problem.
All Designed for Windows XP means is (buy me because you have windows XP)

It just means it has drivers that work under xp...but whether or not it will actually work for you is a guarantee noone will make :p

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actually, what it really means, is that the company, and ms will give you support for the product, for instance, if you have a product that is not licenced xp, no matter how well it works with xp, the company, and ms will probably spend no time with you if a problem arises

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