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Desert Fun!


High On Life!
ok we just got home now from the desert! We got my friends benz and we took out some air from the tires and my other friend rentend a 2003 Toyota camry. We went skidding in the desert and quading. The best part is we got it all on tape! Lots of doughnuts and skidding and 180's and almost 360's also i pulled some stuff with the quads like ridding on only 2 wheels not back or front but the sides! some wheelies but i couldnt get them good cuz the reverse lever was stuck and was hard to push back in. if anyone wants to host this or see it ill upload it to u tell me if u do Thanks! Also we had another friend who drove his motorcycle all the way from aramco (10min drive) who we had to escort back so its nice having the bike on camera going like 100kph or 80kph!:happy:
Cool, sounds like you had fun. I like to watch people do silly stuff with cars. Let me see if I can get my FTP server up and running, I just clean installed, you could upload it there and it will be hosted as long as I'm online :p
No :(

Sadly I don't, it makes too much noise/consumes electricity.

But maybe you could upload it still.

I need to configure my router settings, then we're good to go. 30 minutes I need :blink:


High On Life!
i need at least an hour or two cuz i need to use my others friendds camera because its the one we captured with and it can record higher quality, i used my friend old dv camera to put it on pc and now its interlaced so i have to recapture it and its 1 hourl long so it will take time

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