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Dell's Student Laptop Giveaway!

I won't say they are the best company, but I do know their contests are real. I want to know from the same contest that I won in, who won the escalade, and the Dell TV. I only won the Dell Dimension 8100 with 19" LCD Ultrasharp


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My little brother won the going back to school one 2 years ago, got 2 dell dj, 2 kodak cameras and some other gear. Was pretty kewl, So yeah people (American) do win these contests, excepting Sazar.


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Not sure why people are slamming Dell, no company is perfect and IMO they are the best choice when buying a retail system. But anyways...

I played, didn't win, but did get a $200 off coupon for Inspirons over $999, won't use it, so here it is if anyone wants it



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Just keep in mind guys they are probably getting 10's of thousands of entries a day.

Just keep at it, as people have mentioned here in this thread they do have winners :)

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