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Dell XPS 600 Renegade - $10,000 Monster


The One and Only
well...... it's 2GB memory across the 4 cards (512MB each). it'd be killer if every card had 2GB. lol. THEN it might be worth $10k. as of now it's just plain stupid.


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I stand corrected.

I forgot to mention it also comes with a Dell 3007WFP 30-inch widescreen flat panel monitor. Not bad. :p


Bow Down to the King
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It's a nice looking system. I looked it over. Considering $2000 of that is the 30" display. Another $1000 of that is keyboard/mouse/speakers/etc. $6500 for the rest. Not something I would buy (it was more fun building it this time around). Then again, the Pentium EE would have been a nice addition to my new rig.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Grandmaster said:
This baby comes loaded with an overclocked Pentium D Extreme Edition processor at 4.26 Ghz, QUAD Sli with 4 GeForce 7900s (that have 2GB of memory), 560GB of storage, a custom paint job, and 2GB DDR2 SDRAM @ 667Mhz!

Hook me up Sazar :cool:


P.S. Why did they even buy Alienware when they have this? :p
I dunno why they bought alienware still :cool:

Only thing I can think is that the dell branded series will be low/mid/mid-high range and then alienware will be high/mid-high range.

There is a massive difference in volume and it does give presence in the gaming market.

The logic is still beyond me but whatever...


Beware the G-Man
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Sooooo, you could get it for 8500.

Man you suck. :p

But I really don't think that even you would think about buying a system such as that. Would you?


F@H - Is it in you?
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Nah, it was dell. Dell announced it first at CES a while back, then others got in the act. Same mobo though so not much difference.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I don't have access to this thing lol.

I wish I did :)

But no go.

I'll try heading over to the lab again to get a look/see.

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