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dell white laptop keyboard.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of a mod that I can do turning my black keyboard on my dell 640m keyboard white???

It's killing me because I use my laptop in a lot of low light situations and would love to have my keyboard be white?

I'm guessing it's a long shot but I'm just throwing it out there.
You would have to buy a new keyboard and then do the replacement or pay somebody to do it. That is assuming there is a white keyboard for your model... Not going to be cheap.

A USB powered LED light sounds really good to me. Check Meritline.com they have a lot of nifty gadgets for cheap.

Or... tilt your screen down so it shines on the keyboard. Image quality goes down but it is a cheap and dirty quick fix. Increasing the backlight intensity will help also but use a lot more battery.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
I knew I could get a usb light but I love modding things. And was hoping I could mod it up.

Thanks for help guys and I would remember the keys but it's 50-50 between a desktop and laptop so it's hard to remember the little lap keyboard and opposed to the desktop that I could type in pitch black with.

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