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Dell Releases Budget-Minded 20" LCD


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No word on that 19-incher we were just hearing about, but Dell just announced a new 20-inch LCD to pad out their lineup, and this one's priced to move. The new E207WFP eschews big brother 2007WFP's bells and whistles like a USB hub -- along with the composite and S-Video ports, as far as we can tell -- but still sports that 1,680 x 1,050 widescreen resolution, 20.1-inch viewing area and a DVI port with HDCP. The monitor even bests the 2007WFP with a 5ms response time, compared to the latter's 16ms, but the best news comes in the form of the spankin' $289 pricetag, which compares quite favorably to the 2007WFP's $529 MSRP, or even its $400-ish Froogle price. The E207WFP should be available "immediately" worldwide, and if you can do without the high-end frills, or one of those schmancy jumbo-sized 24 or 30-inchers, it doesn't seem you could go far wrong with this unit.


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