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Dell Printer Quality


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Is there anyone else here who is a field engineer who thinks that Dell's workgroup / general printer quality is crap, at least compared to HP?

We used HP as a supplier until a year ago, and yes, we did have problems with NIC cards blowing etc. But we never really had problems with the general quality of the printer itself, Unlike Dell, which can cause real problems with Print tray "out of paper" error message and severe internal jams on the W5300 model which needed a Dell engineer to come out and look at it.


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Honestly, Dell network printers are amazing in my opinion. They are re-branded Lexmark printers.

I've installed four of them for one of my customers.

(1) Dell Laser Printer 1700n
(1) Dell Laser Printer 5100cn (color)
(2) Dell Laser Printer M5200

They work very well for them, print fast, and priced decently compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers.


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They are no longer re-branded Lexmark printers though they used to be.

Quality is pretty good especially considering the cost.

I would definitely give it a look see. Dell has a big printer initiative right now, you might be able to score a good deal for corporate.

Also there are a bunch of new/upgraded versions coming out which will show nice improvements in cost/page savings and have much faster speeds, even relative to the competition.

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