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Dell Jukebox flipping ROX !!!


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I got a dell jukebox, I ordered it monday and it came today :) I been playing with this thing all day, it flipping rox. I got the 5 gig model, with the car kit. I don't need the 20 gig. I won't be in the car long enough to listen to it all. I also got dudebox with it, Music Match sux.

Anyway: I am rambling, to excited I guess :). Does anyone else on here have a jukebox ?? if so what do you think of yours ??
Sazar has one. I think ~bk was planning on getting one too.
You know that you can use it with WMP10 too, right?

I played with it at a Dell kiosk in the mall. Looked like a great little device. Congrats! :)
Do it then. :D
The resale value of those iPods is pretty damn good. See how much you can get for it on Ebay. You might even have some cash left over after you buy the DJ. :p

Edit: I forgot to mention - a 30GB version was just launched a few days ago.


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i bought the dell dj 20 for 180 bux 3 months ago.. I decided to sell it on ebay this month, i sold it for 246 dollars.... 66 dollars profit :) Ill never go Dell again, but it was worth it!
Bought it with discounts then, eh? ;)

I haven't really had a chance to get the full experience. As I said, I only had a chance to play with it for a few minutes at the kiosk. What was the reason you decided to sell it? Was it one of the new models or the older ones? Did you buy something else or are you planning to? Just curious.
dreamliner77 said:
has anyone figured out drag and drop functionality for the Dell? I like it, but I won't buy a portable unless it's drag and drop.
DJ Explorer (free) and Dudebox Explorer (mentioned in first post) allow you to do just that. :)
What could be more natural, simple, and powerful than accessing your Dell DJ as a device in My Computer? Browse your Jukebox using Explorer folders, right-click menus, and drag and drop, it's all there, just like you expect it to be.
Hmm...Dell would need to release a firmware update. Don't think it's possible without installing something otherwise.
Creative did it for the Zen Micro in the last firmware update.


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Dudebox is a great program. I like it a lot better than the JB Explorer and Music Match. it is posible to use Windows media player with it, but in order to do it you have to have the songs in a playlist, or in windows media player to do it. I use winamp so that is out of the question.

@TheMafia - I have around 80 gig of MP3's, so I know what you mean by having a lot. I am looking at the fact that there is no way I will ever listen to 10,000 mp3's while cruising around this college town I live in. Then that also depends on how many hot girls are out, but you get the point.

I love this thing .. It works great :)

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