Dell Inspiron E1705, Battery doesn't charge, refresh?


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I'm not specifically sure how old this system is, though I know it is much newer than the battery should be dying on it. My friend has had some complaints in the past that his battery no longer charges. He said he has left it plugged in for awhile at home to try to get it to charge, and the higest it's ever gone was 7%. When he unplugs it, the system shuts off completely.

While I know that batteries can die out of nowhere, I was wondering if there was any way to sort of "refresh" the battery. I know some other laptop manufacturers have had bios options to do this for them. I don't know whether it works, but I'm trying to figure out everything possible so he can avoid having to purchase a brand new battery from Dell.

Right now I have had to completely restore his laptop anyways due to a bad bout with spyware and viruses, and am in the process of updating all of the software. Is there anything that I can to do try to assist him with this battery dilemma?



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12 Dec 2008
I think your friend may just need to buy a new replacement battery.
Here is some information I found about this battery:
  • A lithium-ion Dell Inspiron e1705 battery provides 300-500 discharge/charge cycles. The Dell Inspiron e1705 battery prefers a partial rather than a full discharge. Frequent full discharges should be avoided when possible.

I highly recommend just purchasing a new one rather than trying to somehow refresh this one. Amazon has it for $77.

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