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Dell Inspiron 700M Microphone Problem


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey all,
I just received my new Dell 700 M (2.0 GHZ, 1G Ram, etc).
I tried to use the microphone but it didn't work.
But if you plug-in a microphone to the jack then you can talk . Does this model have a microphone built-in so I do not have to plug-in an external mic?!
Or is it a software problem?

I need your help.


Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
First of all welcome to OSNN.

Secondly, have you unmuted the Mic in the volume control? Some do have built-in microphones. Im not sure you could find out thru windows, I think you would need to look at the laptop. The usual place it near the keyboard.

If it does have a built in Mic you can still use an external as the built in wont give you the best quality.

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