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Dell Has A Blog Now

I didn't mean to "spam" . . . just thought it was a good fit for the direction the comments were going. Guess I was wrong. Man, those guys should take a chill pill!


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Good stuff for the most part, although some have given it bad reviews stating it's more of a brochure than anything else :rolleyes:


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dell purchased a bunch of copyrighted and borderline trademarked search terms at google and is fixin to get in trouble. i like the idea of someone actually standing up to this practice.


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What exactly do you mean by that?

for instance ..BlackBerry is copyrighted but Blackberry isnt.

for instance ..BlackBerry is copyrighted but Blackberry isnt.

I found the story somewhere .. lemme find it and ill link it here

News item submitted by Latino.

HP joins critics of Dell sell

DELL has again been accused of registering its competitors' brands on Google AdWords.

Hewlett-Packard, BlackBerry and Palm are the latest to say their trademarks have been snapped up.
HP has accused Dell of appropriating its company name and the iPAQ brand in an effort to drive sales of its competing line of Axim handhelds.

Dell raised the hackles of Acer and Toshiba last week when searches on the terms "Acer notebook" and "Toshiba notebook" in Google's advertising program directed click-throughs to the Dell website.

Acer has threatened to sue over the conduct.

Denying the allegations, a Dell spokeswoman said it had bought only the generic terms "notebook" and "laptop".

But Dell has registered "Hp Ipaq" and "Ipaq", in an apparent attempt to piggyback on the popularity of its competitors' products.

"We believe it's a misleading tactic," an HP spokesman said.

"If you're promoting a product that you can't supply you're wasting the customers' time and undermining the Google experience."

Dell's portfolio of competitor brands includes "Palm", "Treo", "Tungsten" and "PalmOne", all trademarks of the well-known handheld vendor. Also on the list is "Blackberry", which is very close to the trademarked BlackBerry mobile email device.

Check the source for the rest of the article.
Source: http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/0,7204,19898183^15306^^nbv^,00.html

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