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Dell Flirts with the Linux Desktop


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What you think of this Sazar old boy?

Is Dell is on its way to becoming the first tier-one PC vendor to offer a mainstream business Linux desktop to US customers? It's starting to look that way.

In the recent past, Dell has toyed with shipping a Linux-powered PC to the US market. But, when push came to shove, the results -- a Dimension E510n PC shipped with an empty hard drive, a copy of the obscure, open-source FreeDOS operating system and no support if you did install Linux -- were less then impressive.

It's a different story for so-called workstations priced nearly as cheaply as desktops. Dell has started advertising
a trio of affordable workstations with RHEL WS 4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux workstation 4) preinstalled.


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I woulda thought, that the inclusion of Linux to a corporate entity would be negotiable anyhow, even if there wasn't a specific product which stated Linux in the given description...

If, say 3M or one of the companies on this list


were to say they want Linux on their servers, with a nice sizeable contract, one wouldn't necessarily want to tell them no, if they don't have too... Besides, some servers (such as web servers) do not have Microsoft holding the highest market share...


High-Traffic Web Sites: Server Market Share

Alexa 1,000
1 459 49.73% Apache
2 218 23.62% Microsoft
3 185 20.04% Netscape
4 16 1.73% zeus
5 5 0.54% Binary file (standard input) matches
6 3 0.33% AOLserver/3.0
Though different studies gave slightly different results, Apache came out as most common web server, quiried, with some tests suggesting UNIX (Linux is essentially a variant of UNIX)/Apache holding about 50% of the market share for web servers, with Microsoft holding < 25%... This page, is date stamped for May 2005...
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I dont know how to use Linux anymore... and I'm not a total idiot. Dell is all about making money (being a corporation after all), so the chances of seeing a linux box from Dell commercially available outside of the business arena is null.

This post is practically worthless, by the way.
Here is my issue; a family member recently bought a Dell Dimension Desktop for just under 300GBP, now that was with Windows XP Home Edition. For a desktop running Linux I would be looking for around a 199 mark - but that i dont think would be possible for any manufacturer to acheive even with Dell reputation.

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