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DELL Dimensions: Mobo Upgrade?


To whom it may concern
I am wanting to get a new processor. I have a DELL Dimension 4100 w/ a PIII 933mHz. I am planning on going to an AthlonXP 2100 or 2200. I was wondering if anyone had ever upgraded a DELL motherboard or processor. Can you put in ANY motherboard, or does DELL propietor **** like every other gay comptuer company out there. I really hope they don't. Or I will have to spend a couple of extra bux to build a whole new PC, when I have a good PC here. Please post if you know or if you have upgraded to a new mobo in a DELL system. Thanks.
Yea I tried upgrading with an older dell model, and I couldn't find a mobo that fit. I don't know about newer systems, but I know that this didn't work with older models.


OMG this is a perfect post and timing for you. I can just about feel what your trying to do as i did something similiar no more then a few weeks ago

lets start here...

i have a dell 4300 p4 system ok so its prolly not built much different then yours. But what i decided to do was buy this ultra cool case with neon lights and stuff yada yada yada.. well my case finally arrived. First thing i notice after i disasemble my dell and place the mobo in my new case was.. the mobo doesnt fit! after some examination i noticed the dell mobos are latched into the dell case with a metal hinge in every corner of the mobo. and a industry standard mobo/case are held together with screws and of coarse, the dell mobo doesnt have holes for screws. so in other words, if you get a new processor/mobo upgrade, it will not. i repeat will not fit into your dell case. you will have to buy new case. you can get even more info at dell.com's customer support forums. theyre ok.

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