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Dell Desktop - Wont Boot

i start up the machine, xp pro, and it beeps over and over, long beeps - ram seems fine - its sata hd

whats the beep signifying - and what are some things i can try?


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Beeps can signify several different things with a Dell computer. I've had instances of the power supply unit and hard drive. It could also be the memory.

If you have spare parts around then try swapping them out. If you have more than one bank of memory take one out and put the other one in the first slow.

Listen for the pattern of beeps, write it down. It'll be in a long-short combination (or all short's or long's).
it beeps a total of 6 times - fans spin

i dont think its the memory - i swapped them out - well, took one out.... same outcome - took that out and tried just the other - same outcome

its 4 beeps - semi-long - then 2 additional after a brief pause


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The last time I had this problem with a Dimension 8000 it turned out to be the PSU. I couldn't find any information on the web about what the beeps meant. I got it down to the PSU because I tried a new hard drive and tried swapping the memory.

You could try reseating everything (audio, video, etc.). If you have a warranty I would contact Dell (via phone or web chat) and run the beeps by them.
tru tru

ill try a power supply now

its weird, cuz i did get it to boot once, showed the windows splash screen - then crapped out


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I just had an XPS that did similar...I don't recall the beep count, or even if there was one, but it would not boot until I removed the TV card and the modem.

Not sure if it got hit with a power spike or a lightning strike, but whatever it was took out all the pci cards.
What model is your Dell. Are you sure that it's 4 beeps, then 2 beeps. Usually it's a series of 3.... 2 - 2 - 2... 3 - 1 - 2.... something like that.

Are there any lights on the back of your computer?

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