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Dell Coupon


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Anybody know if there are any good coupons out there for Dell? I missed my chance at the $750 off deal, and wanted to know if there was anything similar....


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you have to have a log-in for that jewelzz :)

wrt what is offered... check if your employer or school has a program with dell which gives you discounts...
What exactly are you looking to purchase? A desktop, laptop, display, peripherals...?
There tend to be different deals and coupons for different things, so let me know what you're looking for, and I'll try to find something for you. :)


OSNN One Post Wonder
I'm looking at the preconfigured Inspiron 5160. The stats are below. I'm not much of a computer guy, but I think it's a pretty solid system. The price is $1100 with my company's employee discount, plus I just redeemed 25k American Express miles for $250 (I'm never able to use them for airplane tix anyway!).

Do you computer folks have any thoughts on paying another $250 for the 3 year warrantee? Thanks!


MobilePentium®4Processor 518 w/HTTechnology2.80GHz, 533MHz FSB

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home


512MB,333MHz,2 DIMMs

Hard Drive

80GB2 Ultra ATA Hard Drive

Combo/DVD+RW Drives

8x CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer write capability

Productivity Software

Productivity Pack including WordPerfect®

Limited Warranty, Services and Support Options

1Yr Ltd Warranty3, 1Yr Mail-In Service, and 1Yr Technical Support


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recommend going with 3-4 year warranty if getting an employee discount... it doubles the percent discount you receive...

not a rebate but an instant off...

plus you automatically get on-site service NBD rather than mail-in...

I also suggest getting "complete care" which basically means dell replaces your laptop if anything happens to it (falls, cracked screens, spills, surges) basically anything cept fire/theft/intentional damage...

i believe its the same price no matter how long you get it for (like 79 bucks)

none of the other builders do this... :) and I have it on my inspiron 600m...

the 3yr warranty v/s 1 yr should not be $250 from my experience...


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dot pitch on flat panels is generally over 0.25 and less than 0.30 if that helps...

makes less of a difference on a flatpanel than a CRT I think since most of them are about the same size...


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WWW.BENSBARGAINS.NET always seems to have lots of Dell offers plus links to their rebates and stuff.

And today they have this:

Inspiron 5160 - Use 10% off coupon, $100 rebate = $889 shipped
# Pentium-4 2.8GHz HT, 15" XGA, 512MB DDR, 30GB Drive, 8x DVD-ROM
# 32MB XGI Volari XP5, 10/100 + 56k, Free ISP, XP Home, 1-Yr Warranty

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