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Dell 920 D


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Hello to everyone, I recently bought a new Dell XPS 400, Specs at bottom of page. Now that I have it I have tried to find out more about the 920 D processor but can find nothing about it. Dell does not even offer it as an option anymore, A few sites speculate that they were having issues with the 900 series, but I couldn't prove it. Any one out there using the 920 D processor, or have any info they would like to pass on? Also whats the advantage/disadvantage between the 820 and the 920? I ordered mine at a Kiosk in the mall, and the sales man upgraded mine to the 920 series somehow even tho the 920 is not listed on there site anymore. Also what are your opinions on the Dell XPS 400's. Thank you to all you people that know this stuff.



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The 9 series is the same general proc but on a smaller process.

Dell usually has the latest procs offered but because Dell doesn't keep an inventory per se, if something is significantly back-ordered, the option may not show up at point of purchase to alleviate lead-times.

Madmatt (a mod) has a 950 proc in his sytem.

Also, if you google, you can find info on the proc on the Intel website.


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Thank you for the replies.I will check out the site. Any opinions on the Dell XPS I bought? I hope I made a fairly good choice!


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