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Dell 2405FPW Question


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I have a 2405FPW, with a ATI 128MB Video card hooked up through DVI (dont' have the model of the card handy). Most of the time, (not every time), when I boot, or switch between users, the fonts get a bit fuzzy. It will say "auto-adjust in progress", but doesn't always resolve quite right. I do have clear type enabled, and the only way I can seem to fix it is to adjust the resolution, and then bring it back. I run at 1920x1200, which usually slides down to 1600x1200, apply, views ok, then back to 1920x1200 and all is good again.

Only started happening over the last few days, which is about the time I started running it off a KVM. Any thoughts?

EDIT: Didn't realize it started around the install of the KVM, perhaps I'll take that out of the equation and see the results.


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My 2405 only ever auto adjusts when hooked up via VGA, never when using DVI.

DVI in all it's digital magicness should auto-align your pixels perfectly, however VGA may sometimes miss by a pixel or two, causing the blurring you've mentioned.

I'm guessing your KVM is VGA ?


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Your control panel should have some minor settings for adjusting frequency and stuff for the dvi port if you have some corruption of the display. You can always try those options and see if it will let you keep your KVM config going.


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Yeah, KVM is VGA. I thought about going DVI but it would tend to defeat the purpose as the reason I got it, was to hook up other machines that come through which will almost certainly NOT have DVI. Since the 2405FPW has multiple inputs - DVI and VGA - I'm thinking of hooking the DVI from the monitor straight to my main rig, and then the VGA to the KVM. Just have to re-wire it later today, should do the trick.

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