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5 Mar 2003
[e]-punk, any ideas why I can't delete any of my posts?
There used to be a delete button with the old vb, but now I have none. :(
Bunged this in it's own thread. Will get more attention than in one with the [Fixed] prefix :)
SPeedY_B said:
Bunged this in it's own thread. Will get more attention than in one with the [Fixed] prefix :)
shouldn't a " [Fixed] " thread be closed?
You'd think so, but we keep them open, just in-case it's not really fixed :)
Problems can re-occur due to whatever reason, so it's best just to leave them open, people can also use it to confirm that it's definitely fixed.
Post of thread Erbmaster? Try clicking edit, see if delete is there? :shrug:
Yeah.. the way to do it is click on the Edit button and select the deletion option at the top of the page that loads up.

You should see that.. if you don't.. then we may have a problem :p

Thx SPeedY ;)
This was part of the original problem I posted, yet for some reason it was marked fixed. (well the groups were fixed, just not this ;))

I get no deletion options of any sort.
Deletion works fine in the admin.php with news posts, just not on the forums.
Here's a screenie.
Am I missing something glaringly obvious here?
thx ;)


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I don't think you can delete the first post of a topic if others have posted after you, else it will delete the topic and delete all of their posts as well.
This is what they mean.


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I know what they mean rushm001.:p
I can't delete anything.

If it were the 1st post, i'd be trying to delete the thread.
Can't do that either, but then i'm not trying to.

Something's up, and has been since day 1 with my a/c. I've had numerous chats with [e]-punk about various issues.
I believe it's something to do with the News Poster group. sboulema, if you're here, let us know if it affects you too.

You have a delete option in you screenie Rushm001.
I have none :(..That's the problem ;)
Nothing to do with 1st or even last post.
Just no delete option....


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Should be fixed now, let me know so I can close the thread if it is :)
Yay! Jewelzz you da man...err or summit maybe Whoah!Man! (phonetic :p) :D
Seriously now it's sorted.
I haven't tried deleting yet, but the control is back finally
Thx all :D

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