Delayed Write Error XP Home - HELP!


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25 Jan 2003
Installed XP Home (hey , I got a legit copy, unopened for $40) and all went well for a day. Got OS, Office, Zonealarm, AVG, installed and user data and files loaded. Did all the updates from MS for hardware and security.

Then when I started transfering bulk data or installing more applications (Digital Camera sofware, Perfect disk, etc) each attempted install comes back with an error. After the error I start getting "Delayed Write Error" messages. "Something is wrong with your network or hardware."

It keeps up until I do a chkdsk /f and then it's ok until I try another install.

Clean install of XP on a freshly formatted disk
I'm working in an account with Admin privileges, disk is only 25% full.
Reinstalled network devices and drivers (twice).
Have write back cache disabled in windows.
Tried the MS support bug fixes (all three).
Checked all bios settings.

HELP! Out of ideas short of a reformat and reinstall.
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The handful of times I've seen this error the harddrive usually failed within a month. Not saying thats the problem, but I've seen it 3 or 4 times and thats what has happened.
the only time I asw it was on nforce motherboards after using tweaking software that supposedly increased hard disk performance. All it did was corrupt data.

If you've tweaked anything lately reinstall windows and dont tweak.

Otherwise I'm nto really sure.
J79 - It is an old 40 GB HD that had been in an experimental system. But I don't want to overwrite it onto the good 80GB drive until I know if this thing is stable. Arggh!

Lord - I never tweak. It just leads to aggravations, like this.

I'll keep looking.

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