Delay Startup items in XP


The Analog Kid
Wondering if anyone knew how to delay items in the startup folder from starting right away. I need to stagger a few of them a bit. The only thing I could find was to add "/wait:xx" to the end of the shortcut in the folder. I tried this and it kept saying it was invalid. Just a little help here so I can be smokin again...


The Analog Kid
I'll give it a shot, but I thought there was a way to do it manually from within windows (if ya haven't noticed, I'm not a big fan of using 3rd party soft when you can do it yourself).


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You could setup a batch file and use the pause command, the only thing you cannot specify a time, you have to press a key to continue.


The Analog Kid
From the help of the main program I'm havining issues with. Also have issues with Samurize, but that's more random.

Start Option may solve some troubles you faced.

Right-click the shortcut of ThroughClock and show the properties. Type the option below one space after the file name in the Target window.

Options you can set are,

Use this option in case the Clock appears at different position from previous session. "Seconds" must be typed the number between 0 to 999. The Clock may wait for those seconds to start. 5 to 20 would generally be good to solve your trouble.
When you faced an error message about FPU, this option command initializes it and will avoid the trouble.
This makes the Clock on Windows95 not use Screen Saver Manager.

Start Options do not differ uppercase or lowercase. You can set plural options together with.


Computer Genius
you could make a batch file...something to the effect of:

@echo off
ping -n 61 localhost > nul
start yourprogram.exe
just set the pinger to the number of seconds to wait :)


The Analog Kid
I'll play around with that. The program above seems to be doing what I want right now, so I'll hang with that for at least a day or two

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