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Delay programs in Start up


You could make a batch file using the START command and put this file in your startup folder. This way the applications will be started in the order they appear in the batch file.
If you need to delay the startup of a program for a certain time, you may check out this DelayExec v1.00 . Didn't try it myself so far.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Hey yoyo,

Thanks for the tip on DelayExec. It seems to have done the trick, except I want the app to start minimized. I have a shortcut that now delays and starts the program, but not minimized as I would prefer (it is marked ' Run minimized' in the shortcut).

This is the shortcut path with a the 4 second delay:

C:\UTILITIES\DelayStart\delayexec.exe "C:\Program Files\MailWasher\MailWasher.exe" 4

Any command line 'switches' that can be added to make it start minimized?


Hi Gus K,
if MailWasher hasn't command line switches itself, a way to start it minimized and four seconds delayed would be (It's somewhat around three corners, but should work.):

Open notepad and type
START /min "C:\Program Files\MailWasher\MailWasher.exe"
save this as delay.bat in C:\UTILITIES\DelayStart\
Now make a shortcut in your startup folder to
C:\UTILITIES\DelayStart\delayexec.exe "C:\UTILITIES\DelayStart\delay.bat" 4


There's also a great program called "Startup Delayer" which allows you to start programs minimised from memory...
If you can't, a lot of programs use the -min switch to start minimised.
Startup Delayer

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Hey yoyo,

Thanks for the mini lesson on batch files, unfortunately things did not go smoothly.

Tried Startup Delayer (thanks for the heads up jumpy) and all is well. It has options to start programs minimized, among other things.


Yep, it is freeware just like a lot of their other stuff.
Got to plug the aussie software companies :D

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