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delay in searching

This isn't a serious problem, but a little bit annoying.

I am using windows xp pro +sp2.
Google is set up as my default search engine.

When searching via google(for lotus, example) , it shows the results almost immediately, but if I do a search using the address bar, it tries to load http://lotus/, then msn, before going to google. It doesnt load the first 2, but I can see it in the status bar.

This all occured after I had been trying out googlebar. I removed it and then had problems getting address bar to search. It searches now, but just with this annoying delay.

Any suggestions how to fix this little annoyance?

Many thanks for any help you can give me

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
NetRyder said:
The replies in this thread make me ashamed to be a Firefox user...and it's not the first time. *sigh*
Well said and it goes on in many topics.He's looking for answers not pointless opinions :crosseyed:
kcnychief said:
Why ashamed?
Ashamed because it makes me feel like part of an irrational, brainwashed cult...

Nothing against the app itself. It's a good, solid browser, and I've used it every day since the Phoenix days (yes, one of the early-adopters), but it bugs me when people try to push it off as being the solution to every IE-related problem.


Act your wage.
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Nothing wrong with suggesting it IMO, which is what I did. I'm against suggesting something completely different without providing some help or information in response to the immediate problem. In this case I didn't have time to lookup how to change the default in IE, but I still provided the information that it was an IE setting... and then I suggested Firefox. :)

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
LOL well they need to push firefox so they can boast about how many downloads they now have !!

And I dont have spyware problems either eith IE with Microsofts Antispyware and Googletool bar IE really is very nice. I would reinstall the googletoolbar

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Evil Marge said:
Well said and it goes on in many topics.He's looking for answers not pointless opinions :crosseyed:

Yes like everytime there is a "news" no matter what the subject ie: Google pay service it is made into an ANTI microsoft bashing thread right away and this all the time and I have mentioned it before this site was never like that back in the day.

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