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High On Life!
well i have read some stuff that says u dont need to do it, and well theres program that do it so im confused. i dont care about losing some time i wanna have the macs in school running as fast as they can, as perfect disk is the best one for windows, which is the best for mac? i found this one Click here(also read what apple said about it)


Random Apple Dude
In my humble opinion, if you're using Mac OS 10 (which ever version), you don't need to use a 3rd party defragmentation program.

I've never used one and I've been using Mac OS 10 for about 2 years now because of.....

"....Mac OS X 10.2 and later includes delayed allocation for Mac OS X Extended-formatted volumes. This allows a number of small allocations to be combined into a single large allocation in one area of the disk........Mac OS X 10.3 Panther can also automatically defragment such slow-growing files. This process is sometimes known as "Hot-File-Adaptive-Clustering......." (sourced from the that link to versiontracker).

I really just dont see the point and, this is after using G5s at college with digitised raw media which = massive files (as well as not so massive files), as well as my Macs at home. :)

So...to conclude my rather lengthy post...

I don't see the point in using 3rd party defrag tools, unless you really want too, and trust them not to screw up.



High On Life!
will it make the computer run a bit faster though?

edit: i mean get any performance boost, i want the computers to be running their fastest, maybe these 3rd party ones ar better than teh built in one thats what im saying?


Political User
Doubt it. Mac's defrag on the fly, if a file is under 20 MB it is defragged each time it is accessed, if it is bigger, it is defraged randomly on boot.

There is no way to speed up a mac by defragging it. It just aint windows.


High On Life!
before i searched about this, i didnt think there would be any programs that do it, i thought mac automatically did it since it didnt come with the os, btw is there something similar to nero for mac? we have roxio toast and i dislike it alot!


Defragging a Mac is pointless (OS 10.2 or better). The reason is because OS 10 uses the HFS+ file system, which is a database-type system. Files are organized and cataloged like they would be in a SQL database. Thus, defragging the system would not give you a performance boost, but would simply reorganize organized data.

In the next version of OS 10 (10.4 Tiger), Apple is actually going to allow the catalog to be searched on the fly (thus, eliminating the need to wait if you need to search for a file). Further, Tiger will catalog words in files and make those searchable from the machine as well.


High On Life!
cool, well get tha for our school when it comes out, cant we just update though? we had 10.3 and i updated it from the net to 10.3.5


High On Life!
yeah he didnt know what he was doing in my opinion, the yearbook dvd came out with click and stuff, this year its actually saf & I who are doing it not only me, its more him since hes in the dvd class, and im in the book class, but ill be probably finishing it up and polishing it off and making the final dvd and copying it over 200 times lol

EDIT: YOU always call me kush so just do it on here, that way more people will know my nick name, its all good they are family so they can call me kush.

even my dad calls me kush somtimes and my sisters(more often than my dad) too lol

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