Defragmenting Pagefile?



When using the defragmentation program supplied with windows, is there anyway to make the 'unmovable files' move able, am i correct in guessing this is the page file.

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ya, I'm on a slow connection and can't search the link for you, but I posted a free pagefile defragmenting program somewhere

do a search for it on this site

when doing the search, click show results as posts, and look for it

great little program there

once you defrag the pagefile, you'll never have to defrag it again, unless you manually increase the initial minimum, or you install more ram and the os increases the initial minimum

ah, I see enyo posted a link to the programjust below me...get that

Perris Calderon

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ya, that's normal

mostly because most pagefiles aren't that fragmented, and can't possibly become fragmented

the pagefile doesn't ever get any more fragmented then it is when it's created...

usually this is just a few fragments, and that will remain unchanged unless you've tried messing with it, and that will fragment it too.

usually, fragmentation of the pf is not enough to cause any performance degradation whatsoever.

now, some utilities, llike perfect disc will not only defragment the file, they will also move the file to what it believes is a more efficient area on te disc

that would take some time longer

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