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defragmenting...how much time it takes...?



i´m using PerfectDisk2000 v5.25....and when i run the defragmentation it took my HD of 20 GB like 6 hours.....is this OK?.....i think i´ll try Diskeeper and see how much does it takes in this.........how much can i consider norma?...in a 20 GB drive.....


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Could very well be normal depending on things like "how long it's been" since the last defrag and how much you have added or deleted since the last defrag. Don't try another proggy right now and think "wow! this is much faster" as you have just defraged it. If you run Perfect Disk again in a week or so, you will see how much faster than 6 hours it is.

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I'm using the one that came with xp & it takes about 15 - 20 minutes if that to do 40gig. Maybe perfectdisk will be faster the next time through.


ok....now i get it...
to be exact, i defragged like 15 day ago, with the Built In Defragmenter from Windows XP......but for some reason i got to PerfectDisk, i think i notticed some improvement and like you say i think next time i sould get less time to do it......thanks both you guys......

Perris Calderon

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also, perfect disc does much mored then the native utility, or diskeeper.

perfect disc is rearranging the files, as well as defraggmenting them.

quite a bit more work


Also, if you have any very large files on your drive(s) they can take a very long time to defrag - depending on your system (files such as disk images, Encarta files, videos, etc). You can always exclude these files from future defragmentation which will speed up the process enormously.


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Just a tip..
If you are like me, someone who leaves his/her PC on all the time, run it over night. I defrag every morning at 4 AM. It takes about 10 minutes each night.


My 60gig HD takes ranges from 5min to 10min.

My 120gig takes the same amount of time.

Would you say that Perfect disk is better for defrag than the default MS version ?


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the size of the drive doesn't matter, it doesn't defrag empty space what matters is how full the drive is so giving a drive size and a time that it takes to defrag it are totaly moot.


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I was just about to say that the time it takes to defrag your drive is proportional the total space on your hard drive times the amount of space you have used up on your disk divided by how fragmented it is at the moment.

I have a 24GB HD and will probably have to delete 1/2 of the files on there to defrag it properly, it only has %12 left in terms of disk space and grinds on large files D so its slower than a turtle :D It is NTFS and only %4 fragmented though :

Perris Calderon

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and back to the original question, the first time you defrag will obviously take longer then any subsequent, unless you wait a long time again.

normal defrag takes much less time then file optimizing, so perfect disc will take longer then then any utility that just defrags.

I like the function the perfectdisc performs, and I believe you get as much benefit in ntfs with the files layed out contigously as you get from defragging the files.

now, of course if there;s no information in your disk, the size dosn't matter.

but, neither does the amount of files on the disk...if the disc is full, but contigous, then that will take no time at all to defrag.

the amount of time it takes to defrag is a factor of how contiguos the drive is


I got that PerfectDisk program, the 30 day trial.

Wow! :D

My HDD (30GB Maxtor, 7200 RPM, UDMA 66) before I used it was really slow, "like a turtle" but now it's much faster (still not fast enough though!).

Before I used PerfectDisk my HDD only had 6MB continous free space available, PD arranged all the files so I had over 2GB of straight free space.

Fair enough, it took ages, but at least it was doing something!

My Advice: Never use Window's own defragger again, try this beauty!

Your Hard Drive asked for it ;)


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maz4ruth, just wanted to point out that you spelled 'Professional' wrong in your sig.. nice little review on PD2000.

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