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define an href into a JS function?


OSNN One Post Wonder
I found a script on this site, which was what I have been searching for , for a long time.
it's posted here:

the href of the code is:
<a onClick="exec('sol.vbs'); return false;" href="java script:void(0)">Launch Solitare</a>

I would like another JS file to call that line of code.

so am wondering how to define that line as a JS function.
I am stuck on this one, anyone willing to help?
Thanks ion advance to all who reply.



OSNN One Post Wonder
Ok this is what I have figured out:

javascript:exec('switchuser.vbs') added into my navbar program

<a onClick="exec('switchuser.vbs'); return false;" href="javascript:void
(0)">Switch User</a>
added into my html

both lines work in all users
the javascript line will not work with MS "active desktop" in any of the user accounts.
I receive an "error" window:
a runtime error has occurred
line 0
error:eek:bject expected
I also get another browser window popping up with javascript:exec('switchuser.vbs')
in the address bar.

if I open up my browser (IE6 SP2) with my "home page" set as c:\mywebsite\index.htm
both lines ( the JS and the href ) will work fine for any user account.
so I am not really sure where my problem lies here.
I would expect that it's "active desktop" issue but am not sure why I am getting a runtime error.
Any thoughts?
Thank you,

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