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can I change wins XP viewer so that it is not the Default viewer, and make one of my other image viewers the Default viewer instead.
and if I can does that mean I have to see all my images through the new viewer, or can I leave most of my photos through wins XP and just have some photos in the new viewer
Thank you
just download the image viewer you want to use, I know if you install adobe it pops up a nice interface during install to associate the files to the default viewer or to use adobe photo or imageready.

You can always goto tools, folder options then file type and set the attributes yourself :)

hope this helps


I already have the other viewer I have got the XP viewer and MGI photosuite,and I dont mind most of my photos opening with XP as there just pictures, but I want certain images to open with MGI as these have text with them and I can (scroll) through the MGI better than with the XP
if I have MGI open then I can open the pics from there, the trouble is when I am in my Documents and want to open a photo from there then it opens in XP
I think the best I can do when I open a photo from the Documents is to right click the photo and choose (Open With) that way I get a choice of any image software I am running
As I cant seem to make MGI the Default viewer I was trying stop XP being the Default viewer
Thank you anyway
you can't make certain images per se...only extensions, so if you want all your jpg's to open in photosuite, just set it that way in the folder options file types screen

but there is no real way to make only certain pics open in mgi automatically sorry man =/

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