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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by efeezee, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. efeezee

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    I have my folders set to "DETAILS" which I am very ANAL about... :) For some reason though, when I am doing a SAVE AS from IE, or any other program for that matter, I have a few folders that show up as Thumbnails, even though they show as DETAILS in the folder itself. It is only a few folders, and I have reset folder view to try and fix it. It is ONLY in a SAVE/SAVE AS situation, and is bugging the HELL out of me. Thanks for any help!!!

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    have you go to the Folder option and customized each folder view .
    I sure you you have done ..
    sometime you have to re-do it ..
    very strange XP bugs!

    My taskbar set to autohide and keep on top of all other windows.

    Every now and then I need to reset it ?

  3. efeezee

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    I've tried that..

    no luck. It's so weird because it has the proper view in the folder itslef, but not in the OPEN/SAVE/SAVE AS dialog box.... Ths is driving me insane, any other suggestions? I attached screen shots to clarify, thx....

    (shit, the attachment didn't work????)
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    attachment (again...)

    2nd try..
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    C'mon, where are all the wiz-kids?

    Help a guy out here... :)
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    I'm still clueless....

    haven't found an answer anywhere... any new eyes have any ideas??

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    Re: C'mon, where are all the wiz-kids?

    Enjoying the build up to xmas :p
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    dont know if this is what u need, but when u do save as, click on the views button( its the last little button at the top) and select the view you want. You can have different views for the actual folder and the save-as screen for that folder
  9. efeezee

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    Unfortunately, that only saves it for that instance, not as a default. Anyone know how to reset the dialog view's default?


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    I'm very anal :) about details too... It must be set in the registry somewhere... Mine does the same thing, must be default... BUt you knew that already...

    Try doing a search of the registry...

    I'll post back if I find anything...
  11. efeezee

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    Not sure what started all of this, but I fixed it. Just renamed the folder (ex. DOWNLOADS ---> DOWNLOADS OLD) and then made a new folder with the original name (DOWNLOADS) and then just drag & drop all of the files to the new folder. Works fine so far....