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I just noticed today that if i go to the default page that comes up is the 'Software News' section, when it usually was the 'Main' section. Is this something to do with cookies/user cp settings or is this site-related?


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I think someone is diddling the settings some :)

/me points finger @ EP

dunno who it might be though...


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I just noticed it and put it down to my sleepy eyes. The first two software news story's appear at the top of the initial page, it then continues with the main news. Quite strange.


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If he's doing what I think he's doing. Then it's just pulling stuff from all categories to the front page. Therefore if (like it is now) software has had more articles posted recently, they will appear at the top of the front-page.

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It is something I have been considering for a while, due to the lack of news, its nice to be able to perhaps at least cycle the frontpage every day or two. I am also toying with some other ideas but I will let you spot those after they happen.

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