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Default install location


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Greetings all,

I have ordered, and will soon be receiving, a new computer. It has a 30 gig ssd drive for the os and a terabyte storage drive. My question is: how can I change the default install folder for programs under Windows 7, because obviously I can't have program files installed to a 30 gig drive. A poster on newegg.com said that his came with only 4 or 5 gigs free on the ssd. He was able to free some space up by disabling hibernation and moving the page file to another drive, which I will do those things too. Any help will be appreciated.




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like stated, just change the install path on during the install. Remember that it will change the install location for the program files folder only. Anything else will remain the same.


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I found out how to change the default install path. I then quickly changed it right back. I wouldn't recommend it. It screwed all kind of programs up. Some Windows related programs, such as Windows Media Player, refused to function afterwords. I will just manually change to install path in the future. It was worth a try I guess.


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